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Heidi and Alexandra

Heidi_Alexandra_Heidi smiling.jpg

This is a picture of Heidi on our 5 year anniversary in 2016. Great picture of her.

Rocio Luhring took this picture of us in 2012

Heidi_Alexandra_Victor 2012.jpg
Heidi_Alexandra_sculpture color.jpg
Heidi_Alexandra_head stand.PNG
A tribute to Heidi's creativity.

We met ...

We met at an alumni gathering of the law office in Zurich we both worked at around 20 years ago. In the train up to the mountains, I interpreted her astrological chart, we had a blast and we both knew, we will be friends forever. I think I fell in love with her there and then.
This is Heidi in 2011, on the special non-wedding day at the party for us
A tribute to Heidi’s spirit!
Heidi and Alexandra -2011,  on Victor’s and Alexandra’s special non-wedding day at “the party for us”
(Alexandra an Victor)
Wedding bells.png are my soulmate



(*for all who do not know the story: Heidi and I drove to Italy for dinner and we got lost on the way. At one point I saw a women on a balcony, jumped out of the car (we drove a convertible, of course) and asked the lady which way the restaurant was. The lady answered wildly gesticulating: "continuare! sempre continuare!" I turned to Heidi who was beaming like the sun: "Allora, continuamo!" And we both yelled: "Continuamo!" We spent a great evening eating fish in a restaurant al fresco in the Italian woods up a hill. The next morning, we got up at 4 to drive to Zurich and Heidi got her flight back to Boston.) 

"The world is our oyster!"


Decades ago, I sent you an email with the words "great having met you at all!" - how true this was already then. I feel privileged and I am so thankful having met you!


You always had my back and in particular I remember that you once said to me: "no good to swim with fish who hide behind you when the shark comes along." -this still cracks me up! I sure sent that Pisces down the pluming!



Remember our outing at "Die blinde Kuh" in Zurich? You asked me in advance of the adventure which I kept as a secret from you: Can you give me an idea as to what the secret event will be about? I said: all you need to do is show up. You countered: any dress code? I answered: none whatsoever, as a matter of fact, you could come naked, nobody would care! And I added, following your reaction: no worries, it is not group sex! - And like a champion, you joined me at the Blinde Kuh where we had a dinner in the pitch dark. 


And to all visitors of the site I would like to suggest (just like Heidi did at Francis' passing): Do something today that would make Heidi happy! Make a coffee for someone you love. Offer great chocolate. Do a head stand or a yoga pose. Listen to "Private Dancer" of Tina Turner! (and laugh at "...dutchmarks and dollars". Embrace life!


Heidi_Alexandra_Francis 2018.jpg
This sign made Heidi smile. I sent it to her from London
This is a tribute of, yet, another visit from Francis in 2018. We spotted him together in 2013 and I said to Heidi, look, Francis comes to visit. After a round elsewhere he came back and he sat on my shoulder for several minutes while we spoke about Francis. Most beautiful creature!
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