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Heidi and Erin

Heidi_Erin_Dr. Seuss.jpg

January 2020:  Team Sneem arrives in Sneem, Ireland with Bruce as our Uber driver.  On our way to Allihies

I love this memory...

Heidi_Erin_Sea and Sky.jpg
Allihies, Ireland where Heidi believed the Sullivan side of our                                          family came from
Heidi_Erin_Memorial Tree.jpg
Heading 6
Heidi wicked smaaht.png

Heidi's first sign to me from the Other Side,  Bettina and Katherine got a "Wicked Smaaht" sign that same week


Anastassia told me Heidi likes to send hawks and rainbows as a hello.  This was one of my first Heidi Hellos  

Love you,        Heidi!

         Memorial Magnolia on the             Boston Esplanade in honor of our  parents June & Frank and Heidi
Thank You,
Victoria, Matt, Kerry & Katherine!

In April, Diana texted me drawings Heidi had done that I'd never seen.  They are so full of Heidi Spirit.  I hugged my phone


After our father passed away,  our mother, Heidi and I spent the winter in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Our mother took Spanish classes and to practice every morning, she loved reading our horoscopes in the local paper

One day one of us got the horoscope "Today you will receive a sign".  We went about our day & returned to our room on the 7th floor of a modern high-rise hotel in an industrial part of Oaxaca.  With sealed windows.

We opened the door and were stunned.  There on a pillow, perfectly placed like a chocolate, was a beautiful blue butterfly

Heidi_Erin_Heidi hugging tree.jpg
Heidi hugging the willow tree, Sandwich, MA       

Heidi and my mother never liked photos,  but this one my mother asked me to take:  sign says, "Danger!  Building Unstable"  So of course they wanted their photo standing right next to it! LOL.   Oaxaca, Mexico


The Sagittarius Mobile:   Heidi and nephew Connor tearing up the streets of St. Augustine

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