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Heidi and Jane

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We met when...

I was hosting a movie viewing of "Trace Amounts" that had been banned from regular avenues. (8/20/2015).


Through my husband, and your mother, you were kind enough to attend this at the Cape Cod Mall Theatre.


I remember thinking how incredibly generous it was, for someone who barely knew me, to come out for this. 

Later we discussed how maybe that movie was not completely an accident...

We would meet again...

I love this memory because...

I love this memory because we finally lived out our monikers of Thelma and least to some degree. You picked me up at the airport, in your convertible for a conference in Boone, NC. and we talked for hours. 

There are so many reasons to say 'no' to invitations that can someday become memories. 

I remember when you mentioned this conference and feel so incredibly grateful that I said yes and we went.


You are my friend...

aka Louise.

The second time we met was at my house was in July of 2016. You had been diagnosed and started chemo.  I had been putting some pieces of the puzzle together in regards to a different view on medicine and shared what I knew. 

You were a sponge for new information. In time I could not keep eclipsed what I knew in short order.

After your diagnosis, I was praying you would kick chemo to the curb, and was waiting for the day.


I can remember where I was when you sent the text. I was with my husband and we pulled off the side of the road.

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You just might get a kick out of this...


When our kids were young there were always crows around our house. It was a particularly intelligent group that wanted to interact with us. I got in the habit of feeding them, especially when really cold outside in the depth of winter. 


At Christmas my neighbors next door decorated their bushes with string lights, the kind that I remember as a child, with the large colored bulbs. Over the coming months we would hear a clunk and a tumble on our slanted roof and would find the bright colored bulbs on the white snow. In time we would see the crows through the skylights in the act of dropping these gifts to us, We eventually saw them painstakingly 

unscrewing these over at our neighbors house. They would also bring us tinsel, beads, and other shiny objects as well. 


As the years progressed, I became busy and less consistent, and they moved on. This summer I was mulching around a daylily Heidi's sister Erin gave us (Heidi Edelweiss) and there was a string of goddy pink beads. I thought how special it was and it made me smile as I put it around your lily. I also found one of the old Christmas bulbs in our bushes. It was bittersweet as I missed that special bond with that bunch of fun and noisy crowsand how dearly I miss you Heidi.

“Hi, Jane! I’ve crossed over! Just told my Dr. I won’t be coming in for any more cocktails. I feel a little like Thelma & Louise, except, of course, that we will make it to the other side of the Canyon, with all our money, and Brad Pitt will turn out to be a nice guy.”

In a strange cosmic alignment, I found the career of my dreams in Bioregulatory Medicine and when we needed multi-media expertise, you checked every box and then some. In your graciousness and desire to share what you had learned, you accepted. Now we we workmates...

And it seemed like each day, there was something this new position needed that you just seemed to have...

-Yes you could proof any article within moments and see any error or mistake.

-When the website we had took too many steps, you created us a new one in a week!

-When we thought how great it would be to video some of our events, you revealed you were a movie director

-Since much of Bioregulatory Medicine is based in Germany, it was super helpful you were fluent in German. (Seriously!)

-When some legal questions would arise, it also helped that you were a lawyer

It was like a clown who could produce whatever you could imagine...and that's because, yes...of course, you also went to clown school! 

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Memories of you
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