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Heidi and Jason

Heidi_Jason_smiling in car.jpg

I love this memory because...

This is one of my most cherished pictures of Heidi.  It was taken in Vermont at the von Trapp Family Lodge.  Heidi, my wife, my son, and I had come there for a few days to unwind after Heidi’s and my college reunion.  At the end of our weekend, Heidi had to get back to Boston, while my family was able to linger on.  We said our farewells in the hotel parking lot.  As she pulled away in her convertible, she looked like she owned the road.  Coming off of a meaningful reunion with our college friends and a magical weekend with Heidi and my family, I was more than a bit reluctant to be saying goodbye.  So the picture has always held a bitter sweetness for me.  With her passing the photo takes on even deeper meaning, as she has gone on ahead once more.  In the photograph she has momentarily paused her journey to look back and give a last farewell.  That beautiful smile of hers came from deep down within.  I will miss her always.   


Heidi_Jason_smiling in car.jpg
Here, Heidi and my wife, Alicia, from the same trip in Montpelier, Vermont. 
Heidi_Jason_Kevin kiss.jpg
Heidi is stretching (yoga) even when focusing on something else, capturing the quiet comfort of the weekend.  
Here, my college roommate Kevin and I ambush poor Heidi.  As I am sure it is with all those who knew her, you couldn’t be around Heidi and not be smiling.  
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