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Heidi and Karen

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You are my friend...

WE met met when...

You are my friend.
Your sister, Jennifer, and I have been friends for 20 years. We met in New York City in 2000 at your apartment .

I love these memories...

I love the memory of you coming to the Ritz Carlton in Battery Park to check out the view from our hotel room (of the Statue of Liberty), on a fun weekend to NYC (after Zach was born).

I love my memory of meeting up with you in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  You have the love of travel just like your sister, Jen. 

You just might get a kick out of this...

 - we have the Christmas ornament that you gave us the year we got married (2004).  It looks like it came from a little boutique in Cape Cod.


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I love that you always supported other peoples dreams - no matter how crazy they were.

I love that you accomplished so much in your lifetime and weren't afraid to break the rules along the way. From HBS, to speaking fluent German, to starting your own hedge fund with your sister, to having residences in multiple cities, to being a clown, to producing documentaries, to supporting your parents in Cape Cod and in FL, to meeting up with your family members (your Mom, Erin and Jen) in so many different exotic locations all over the world.  Your curiosity was infectious to your friends and family. 

I love that you always were supportive throughout the years of my life. 

I love that you were comfortable in your own skin.

Heidi - you will forever be missed, but never forgotten.
Love, Karen Day Biava
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