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Heidi and Kevin

Whale Rider.PNG

I met Heidi seeing the movie the whale rider in 2003 our mutual friend Meg Nelson said we would end up traveling the world as best friends or end up together! Well the together wasn’t going to work as we were both after the same thing    but we did travel the world together and had an amazing friendship.

Tina Turner.PNG

I was blessed to celebrate Heidi’s birthday last year seeing Tina the musical in NYC.

Tina just celebrated her 80th birthday and every time I hear her music I think of you dear Heidi!

I miss Heidi every day but her presence is still felt as I have rebuilt my friendship with her wonderful sister Erin and established a amazing friendship with JC! Heidi - I miss you dearly but grateful that Erin and JC are in my circle

My Memories with Heidi
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