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Heidi and Laurie

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Our College Reunion

I love these memories...

Heidi_ Laurie_Megan photo.jpg
Heidi, Laurie, and Megan
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Heidi_Laurie_College memories1.png

- Heidi and I screeching our heads off with laughter late at night as we played with the bubble blowing kazoo my mom sent me…waking up and annoying poor Elise, our roomie in the next room


- Spending HOURS editing Heidi’s 150-page paper on comedy – it was only supposed to be 25.


- Heidi teaching my dad how to balance on a Bongo Board when my parents came to visit. (Thank God she didn’t show him her unicycle!)


- Heidi accusing me of “strip mining” the Ben and Jerry’s when I ate a lot of the chocolate chunks


- Heidi and I eating breakfast together in the Lowell House dining hall after she pulled an all-nighter, and the house tutor said, “You two look terrible!” (I’d slept 8 hours.)


- Heidi throwing her heaviest anthropology textbook at me, screaming, “You’re ruining my birthday present!” when I told her, after she got an intuitive reading, that I didn’t believe people had psychic abilities. Guess who got the last laugh there… 😂


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