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Heidi and Megan

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What I loved and admired so much about Heidi:

- Her not watching life from the sidelines.

- Her tremendous intelligence and curiosity that kept her exploring her internal and external worlds.

- Her humor and insightful, frequently comical, lens on the world.

- Her inimitable, infectious laugh and her curious, kind, inquisitive spirit that drew people to her.

- Her love of family and friends.

- Her genuineness.

“Open your eyes to the beauty around you, open your mind to the wonders of life, open your heart to those who love you, and always be true to yourself.” - Maya Angelou

First bookend, a clown balancing on a bongo board juggling – how we met:

We met one morning during freshman week Heidi and I met in front of my dorm for a run organized by our joint friend, David, who didn’t show up. We ran anyway, talked and laughed… and our friendship was off to the races.
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 Brief (or not  so brief) snipets/”books” in vaguely chronological  order:

· Having her linguistic-self ask my close-to-tone-deaf-self how to say my name: Megan or Megan? I could barely tell the difference yet appreciated that she just didn’t say it should be Meghan. ;-)

· Her typing at lightning speeds on an echo ridden metal table late at night (yes, no computers for us quite yet) or unicycling and juggling through buzzed folks at a Pennypacker party.

· All types of athletic activities: freshman crew, running (especially at night), intramurals, biking…

· Having her plop next to me next in Sanders for Ec10, shimmying and saying “Suuggarrr”… it was the Monday after Easter and she’d given up sugar for lent.

· Hearing from the admissions office (I gave college tours) that Heidi was famous there because when asked why she wanted to go to Harvard, she responded that the Square had the best ice cream options anywhere and proceeded to do a review of best flavors at multiple spots.

· Ice cream runs to the Square even when it was blizzarding.

· Thanksgiving with her wonderful family in Connecticut… she and her siblings did not fall far from the tree. We ran a Turkey Trot, and yearly since I’ve done something physical on Thanksgiving.

· Her waking up in the morning when we were roommates, taking off a sweat shirt and a text book falling out of it.

· Watching her work her fabulous index card magic to write cool anthropology papers… who knew that Peanuts was so scholarly or the nuances of humor easing personal or cultural pain?

· Maybe once a month after dinner in the dining hall, grabbing a bowl of ice cream and sitting on same side of high table, watching folks come and go, gossiping, venting and, of course, laughing.

· Her inimitable, infectious laugh and her curious, kind, inquisitive spirit that drew people to her.

· Her love of her family.

· Her sweet tooth that parsed the care packages from my mom… See’s candy and Miss Grace lemon cakes were in, raw pistachios in shells were novel and avocados were definitely out.

· Late night regroupings and talks about everything (sometimes with Tina or Cher on)… often followed by mornings of her hitting the snooze button incessantly.

· Seeing her jokingly saunter into my room late one night with her basketball shoes loose and announce “I’m Tedosterone Libidozos” (adaption of my then boyfriend’s name). We howled.

· Knowing that she had my back and her occasional personal advice (of course solicited)… she was far from effusive and didn’t like a meltdown but if given a calm entry, her insight was golden.

· Hearing how she thought New York was perfect in two ways… restaurants were everywhere and open all night so she didn’t have to cook and all streets were numbered and lettered so she couldn’t get lost.

· Once in the Back Bay seeing this local artist’s zodiac tiles (we’re both Sags)… one with romanticized adjectives and another for the blunt harsh adjectives. We laughingly checked veracity of ours and others.

· Exchanging emails or texts periodically and on each other’s birthdays every year… funny pictures, little blurbs of travel and life. I’ll have to have psychic ones from here out.

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The other bookend, a clown unicycling off to the right with crazy big shoes… when I last saw Heidi:

The other bookend: when I last saw Heidi: On the Tuesday after our 30th reunion last year, we met for two or three hours at the Boston Public Library and then walked the Back Bay. I loved how when given the opportunity, we went right back to the connection and stream of consciousness we had sitting, chatting and laughing at high table in college. That day we hopped among family, friends, memories, travel, yoga, history, politics… It was an especially nice visit, and, in retrospect, I think she wanted to say a couple things extra. I wish I’d been better at a cross country friendship, but I treasure that last visit and all the memories I do have.

“In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing when you look at the sky at night.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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