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Heidi and Mehran

Heidi and Mehran on their way to the premiere of Ash Bash.

mH... I know cell service doesn’t work that well from where you decided to travel to.  But I am just sending this to the universe with the hope of you being able to hear me. 


You have no idea the impact you made in so many lives here in Boston.  Never forget your smiles, laughter and pure grace.  I wish this world was good enough for you to stay for a lot longer but you were always the traveling adventurous kind that never wanted to sit still..


So I guess, you, your mom, dad and my dad are having a great time together.  I was lucky enough to have your path crossed with mine.. just pure luck that I will never forget and will always cherish.  So fare well my dear friend.  Please be in touch from time to time as us earthlings would love to know what adventure you have decided to take on next.  I think Maybelle said it best: Her song was exuberant and she danced a dance of joy and a celebration of life. 


With much love, Mehran

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My Memories with Heidi
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