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Heidi and Rocio


We met when...

We met a few days after September 11th on a walking tour of Boston neighborhoods. 


These tours were organized by the Boston Center for Adult Education and went on for a few weeks.  Every one ended with dinner at a local restaurant.

Heidi cooked this meal for Missy and me!  So happy Missy took this photo.


Heidi, you come to mind many times each day.  It still does not feel real.  Feels like you are on a trip. 


At first, I was so angry you did not get to live longer.  Seems so unfair to you and to us.  I wonder if you knew this pandemic was coming and chose to leave.  I think you did…    


This year has been rough.  I’ve gone on many walks.  I see you in hawks and rainbows.  I talked to each flower of the Heidi daylilies Erin gave me. I will do so every year. 

Thank you for leaving me Erin.

Heidi in Africa!  Did it as well as the locals!

I love this memory because...

I love so many of our shared memories but I am choosing the first one that comes to mind – going to NYC regularly when you were subletting Jennifer’s apartment. 


Riding the bolt-bus and talking the whole time; saying hi to Kenny (the doorman); walking the High Line on its opening weekend; going to shows (plays, musicals, the Rockettes); walking EVERYWHERE and for hours; yoga at Sports Club LA; having our meals on the roof deck.


Like Heidi, rainbows do not like to be photographed…This photo does not do this Heidi rainbow justice…
Heidi_Rocio_balloon shadow.jpg
Heidi_Rocio_defying gravity.jpg
Heidi_Rocio_yoga stretch.PNG
A Heidi daylily
Heidi_Rocio_snow backbend.jpg
Heidi_Rocio_Sullivan's bakery.PNG
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