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Heidi and Sean-Arisa Sullivan Family

Heidi_Arisa_picture together.jpg
Heidi_Arisa_kids in car.jpg
Release of Lantern Memorial for Heidi
Heidi at her premiere of Ash Bash at the Boston Film Festival.  She arrived with her entourage of bicycle rickshaws. 2011
Heidi_Arisa_niece fence.jpg
Heidi_Arisa_airplane ride on back.jpg
Heidi_Arisa_niece on back.jpg
To call Heidi the best aunt ever is an understatement.  She spent hours amusing them, flinging them in the air, making them laugh, getting down on their level and making them feel like she was with them 100%. 
As a sister, she was much the same...always kind, always making us laugh, always lifting us up, always making us feel how much she loved and supported us. People like her are few and far between, and I guess that’s why she was called away so soon - to go and spread her specialness on every level of the universe.  We will miss her everyday of our lives. 💕
Arisa and Sean
Heidi_Arisa_backseat with niece and neph
“Heidi was young at heart and always would rather be with the kids than “adulting.”
In 2018, Connor took a sailing class in St Aug, and, of course, Heidi made him prove he could really sail on the last day.
Heidi_Arisa_kids in car.jpg
We called Heidi’s beloved BMW Thorwald the snoopy mobile.  Her niece and nephew loved getting in the snoopy mobile with her.
Heidi_Arisa_niece_yoga workout.jpg
Leina and Connor called Heidi: “Crazy Heidi,” because she was always doing acrobatic yoga moves that no one else could do.
Heidi_Arisa_picture together.jpg
Heidi, Sean, and kids at the beach.
Heidi_Arisa_together at event.jpg
Heidi_Arisa_brother beach.jpg
Heidi was an incredible friend and the sister I never had. She would travel extraordinary lengths to come see me perform. Here she is when I sang as soloist with the Bach Society of Winter Park.
Memories with Heidi
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