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Heidi and Sue

Heidi_Sue_by water.jpg
Heidi overlooking the East River
This is my favorite picture of Heidi. It's hanging in my home. To me it just captures her kind, thoughtful and fun nature.
I love that her colors are shining through.
Heidi_Sue_candles dark.jpg

Heidi always wanted to know our wishes and to make them come true. Here she encouraged us to have our wishes read aloud, then we launched them into the universe with sparkles. 

Heidi_Sue_with dog.jpg
Heidi_Sue_playing cards.jpg
Heidi_Sue_dog kitchen.jpg

Heidi always preferred sitting on the floor and going barefoot.

Heidi on living room floor with cousins and on kitchen floor with Moxie

Heidi and I met playing volleyball when she first moved back to Boston after NYC. I gave her a ride home because, though she'd normally walk, it was far and dark and cold as Boston can be. Definitely north of the flip-flop line.

We became fast friends and spent hours hilariously recapping each game.  This picture is not of our first volleyball team, but it was our favorite: 

Jaime, Rafa, Me, Boerries, Tracy and of course, Heidi

I like this photo because it reminds me of a trip we took to the Poconos in Thorwald (which she called my 'Godcar' because I went with her to bring him home from the dealership). We got stuck in horrific traffic, and Heidi learned that I can't sit still, so we took every detour possible to avoid it as she wildly encouraged my natural love of orienteering. We sang at the top of our lungs and discussed our likes and dislikes a la the movie ' Amelie'.  Ever since, I have called her 'HiDeeLee'.

Heidi barefoot
Heidi_Sue_ferris wheel.JPG

We took this photo intentionally because we discovered that both our favorite shape is a circle. So we often sent one another texts with images of circles, I think of Heidi every time I see a circle that I want to share. When she'd call with an idea for an adventure, she'd always ask if I wanted to ' roll with her'.

Heidi_Sue_water skiing.jpg
Heidi_Sue_red carpet.jpg
Heidi_Sue_International Film Festival In
Heidi_Sue_International Film
Heidi_SUe_Heidi Rickshaw.jpg

Heidi created experiences and opportunities that she knew would bring joy to others. She was able to see what you really needed in your life and help you to make it happen. In creating an amazing documentary, she also brought me along as a backup singer, and her photographer. 

Heidi was my tennis partner, we played similarly, whacking the ball... no holding back. I cheered her on yelling 'swing out sister!' and this became her mantra for me, encouraging me to swing out in life. 

Heidi_Susan_swing out sister.jpg

When I left my job to seek more fulfillment, she had this customized tennis ball sent to me. It sits below my favorite photo of Heidi, and it is working.  

I miss you my friend but I hear you and listen all the time. 

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