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Heidi and Tracy


I love these memories...


This photo was taken in December 2019. Susan D'arcy and I flew to Florida to visit Heidi. Christmas decorations were everywhere and one night we watched the annual parade of lighted boats motor past spectators on shore. This photo shows the three of us heading home in one of those peddle carts after having done a scavenger hunt. We were laughing so much. At the time, we had no idea that Heidi was sick. She looks as happy here as she ever did, which is a testament to her positive light. 

The group photo shows Heidi, me (Tracy Staedter), Carol Glowacki (a friend of mine), Susan D'arcy Fuller, Rafael Gattass and his wife, Simone Pinheiro. 


Susan, Heidi, Rafael and I played volleyball in the same rec league, which is how I came to meet Heidi. I have so many fond memories of those days. We played weekly for years and after the matches, would meet at the 99 for snacks and drinks. Susan and Heidi were my first real friends in Boston, after moving there in 1999. We stayed in close touch all of these years and I always mailed Heidi a birthday card the old fashioned way.

In January 2005, I moved to NYC. In February of that same year, Christo and Jeanne-Claude installed 7,503 orange "gates" along 23 miles (37 km) of pathways in Central Park. Heidi came to NY and we walked through the gates together. She stands out here in her bright pink hat.

Easter island.PNG

Heidi was always so spontaneous. I remember one time she wanted to fly to Easter Island for the long Thanksgiving weekend. I think the flight took about 48 hours and I told her we should go when we had more time. There never seemed to be enough time in my schedule, though, and eventually Heidi went with another friend. I don't blame her! 

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