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Heidi lilly.JPG remain in our thoughts and in our hearts.

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Heidi ~ we miss you today and always


I met Heidi through yoga, specifically Maybelle's classes. i had just lost my mom and she was just a shining light that was warm and compassionate and helped me heal.

I have so many great memories with Heidi, we shared a tree house in Nicaragua and it was so much fun. and we went to Italy together. but i think my favorite is when just the two of us went to NY and stayed in her sister's place for the weekend. it was early on in our friendship and we walked 13+ plus miles each day and just talked, sharing and getting to know each.  I really treasure that time. 


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Heidi lives on (very lively!) in my heart and mind.  I miss her so much! Allison

Happy Birthday my to my favorite Sagittarius! There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss the heck out of you. I’m forever sending my love. 

XO,  Amy 

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Today is Heidi's birthday...I miss her terribly. James
Heidi, we miss you and remember you on your birthday. Thank you for your love and friendship, warm smile and kind heart that you blessed everyone you touched during your lifetime. - With fondest remembrance, Gerry Curatola
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The passing away of the lovely Heidi is like a dark cloud hanging over us. But on the other side, I see also the Angel of Heidi sitting on the margin of the cloud and smiling. She will accompany and help us from the other side of the world. Ralf
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My birthday wish for you is that you know you are in so many hearts today and always.  We wish you were here with us. Know that you are inspiring us and we feel your spirit inside us.
On your birthday, I’m usually somewhere cold and texting you to find out where you are to celebrate in true Sagittarius fashion. Today, wearing blue, I’m thinking that you are with the stars and with your Mom and Dad, feeling the ultimate warmth surrounding you. Debra
I miss Heidi so much. She was my one friend in the world that I knew no matter what when we talked an authentic amazing belly laugh was always a guarantee ️!
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